Hatha-Raja-Yoga Center

Hatha-Raja-Yoga center is a leading Yoga training center in Ra'anana and Hasharon area, Israel.

The center hosts intensive and extensive Yoga training for students on all levels, senior Yoga teachers training course and master class for teachers and advanced students. The center also maintains Sanskrit and philosophy class.

Hatha-Raja-Yoga center in Ra'anana is unique in its deep and intensive method of teaching. It's discipline is drawn directly from the classic Yoga tradition, resulting in flowing, energetic, meditative and creative Yoga.

The Yoga classes take place in a beautiful spacious hall and in a unique atmosphere. Lessons are given in the morning, afternoon and evening. Occasionally, there are special practices of 108 Sun Salutations. Once or twice a year Yael conducts a retreat for her students.

The Yoga practice at "Hatha-Raja-Yoga" Center

Yael teaches Hatha-Raja Yoga. She focuses on a practice imbued with meditative spirit, correct breathing, flowing movement and deep awareness. In her classes, Yael pays special attention to precise alignment and correct performance of the Yoga postures, She teaches principles which allow the students to practice in a stable, relaxed and effortless manner, and awaken their Energy Body.

The practice combines movement, breathing and Yoga philosophy. The Yoga lessons are diverse, so as to encompass the entire depth of the Yogic experience.

Yael combines and integrates most of the popular Yogic styles known in the West today, most of them emanating from the tradition of Krishnamacharia. Out of this tradition evolved in the modern era a number of schools -- among them Ashtanga Yoga (Patthabi Jois), Iyengar Yoga and Vini Yoga (Desikachar).