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About Yael Ziv

Yael Ziv began her yoga journey thirty five years ago. She founded her studio in Raanana, which caters to students of all levels, twenty five years ago and has been training yoga teachers for over a decade. She has a M.A degree in psychology and pursued a career educational psychology until she decided to devote herself entirely to teaching yoga.


Her comprehensive and deep style of teaching is based on the yoga tradition and scriptures combined with today’s yoga styles and other modern day developments. Yael has a deep, thorough understanding of the human body, the asana, various yogic practices and their underlying philosophy. Each class is an enriching experience for mind, body and soul in which the student is invited to explore and reach new understanding.


In 2007 Campus Si’im in the Tel Aviv University initiated a collaboration and offered Yael to lead and manage the yoga teacher training courses at the campus. Every year since, with her guidance, a new group of students take their first steps toward becoming professional yoga teachers. Her courses comprise of an in-depth curriculum that provides the students with a broad education in theory and practice of yoga and teaching methods.

Yael’s professional yoga training began with Orit Sen-Gupta and Dona Holleman, with whom she practiced for 17 years and graduated their yoga teacher training courses from Wingate Institute and the international organization Jyotim.


Over the years Yael continued her yoga studies with leading teachers in Israel and around the world. Noted among them are: Patricia Walden, Paul Harvey, David Swenson, Shandor Remete, Andrei Siderski, Andrey Lappa, Reinhard Gammenthaler, Yogi Matsyendranath, Dharma Mittra and many others.


She continues to explore Indian scriptures and is studying Sanskrit to further her understanding of the texts. Together with her Sanskrit teacher Rafi Peled, she takes her yoga students on spiritual journeys to India.

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