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About the studio

Hatha-Raja Yoga Center in Ra’anana was founded in 1994 by Yael Ziv. Many of its first students still practice there today and many more, of all levels, have joined along the way.


This studio is unique in its deep teaching, which is based upon yoga tradition, mixing ancient and modern knowledge, and deep anatomic understanding. The purpose of its teachings is not limited solely to improving the body, but also to transforming behavior patterns, nurturing self-awareness, mindfulness, discernment and concentration. The practice includes meditation (dhyana), proper breathing (pranayama) and precise posture flow (asana). The sequences taught vary with each class, are very creative and are geared to promote new understanding. Students are encouraged to continually explore fine nuances of body and mind in order to make each class a deep learning experience, rather than mere practice.

The classes are given in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere and every student receives individual attention.

Guest teachers are invited to give lectures and workshops.

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